When it comes to the entertainment and gaming Ohio has become a destination which everyone likes. Casinos and other gaming platforms are growing in mass numbers through the Ohio, which offers a wide range of entertainment and great experience to people who are looking to try their luck or simply want to enjoy their night. So in this article we will tell you about the amazing best casinos in Ohio which offer various number of services like games dining options and great entertainment.

The 5 Amazing Best Casinos in Ohio

1- Hard Rock Casino

The Hard Rock Casino is located at the Cincinnati City in Ohio. This casino have more than 1600 slots machine 100 table games, a bar top video poker, electronic table games and a poker room. It is one of the most famous and the biggest casino in the city which was formerly known as the Jack Cincinnati Casino & Horse Shoe Cincinnati Casino. The total area of this casino is 1,00,000 square feet. Not only the casino, people who are also looking for dining area can visit the Hard Rock Cafe, Starbucks, Noodle 8, Brick D Pizza and many more. The Hard Rock Casino also organize music concerts and other events in Friday and Saturday nights.

2- Newport Racing And Gaming Casino

The Newport Racing and Gaming Casino is local’s one of the favourite gambling site that offers some free games and promotions to their customers. Their services and their staff is user friendly, but one has to keep in mind that there is no live poker in this casino.

The games which are present in this casino are slot machines, horse racing, wagering. When it comes to the lining option there are bar and grill place which is Smiley’s bar and grills. The Newport Racing and gaming casino also are nice free live music acts in a week. The location of this casino is 1723 Monmouth St. Newport.

3- Hollywood Casino

The Hollywood Casino is one of the largest poker casino in Ohio. This casino consist of 200 slots live table games and a poker room. The gambling slots are presents 24 by 7. Various dining options like 5 star restaurants, 4 Star Steakhouse, Final Cut Asian Restaurant, Zen Noodle and OH Sports Bar and lunch is also available at the Hollywood Casino. Every weekend the Hollywood Casino organize free events for people and it is just two hour drive from the Cincinnati City. This casino also have a separate smoking area along with some games.

4- Rising Star Casino

The Rising Star Casino is a modern sleek design casino with all the latest games and progressive games available. Various options like video poker, spinning table games and betting are played here. After a long tiring day people can also enjoy the indoor pool sauna and hot tub as well. When it comes to the dining options The Bends Bistro Buffet Restaurant, Fine Dining Steakhouse, Wellington’s Jacks Deli are available here.

A 3 star Riverside Hotel is also available near the rising star casino this hotel consists of 294 rooms plus and RV Park. This casino is just 45 minute drive from the city of Cincinnati and they also have a ferry to rabbit hash.

5- Miami Valley Gaming

The Miami Valley Gaming is another casino which consist of 1800 slot games and it is open 24 by 7. The Miami Valley Gaming offers slot machines attaining area and options for people for recreational. The dining options which are available at the Miami Valley Gaming is Trifecta E3, Sin City Sea and Stick The Center Bar is also available at the Miami Valley Gaming. Every Friday and Saturday there are live Entertainments available at the casino. This bar also consists of a dance floor the Miami Valley Gaming Casino is just 30 to 40 minutes drive from the city of Cincinnati.

So these were the top 5 best amazing list of casinos in Ohio. You can visit these casinos and play pokers, slots, spinning games, horse racing wagering, video games and other entertainment options also. People who are also looking for dining options can also visit all of these casinos as we have mentioned the dining options in some casinos. There are swimming pools, suanas and hot tubs for you to let go all the tiredness of the day. We have also mentioned the locations of all the casinos from the main city of Cincinnati.

So if you want to play casinos then you can visit all these options. It is advisable that you should play on your own risk as the game of casino and poker includes winning or losing of money. It is also advisable to make your own strategy before playing the game and bet the amount which you can afford to lose, as there is no guarantee to win. We have shared the article for the sake of information. We are not responsible for any profit or loss incurred by playing the casino .

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