Almost everyone of us has played cards game in our childhood. Not the rummy, but other cards games has made our childhood cherishable. Today we will be telling you about the Gin Runny game, rules, and how many players can play this card games.

The game was invented in the United States in 1909. Earlier it was known as the Whiskey Rummy, then changing the name to the Gin Rummy or Gin. The rukles of the Gin Rummy is simple and somewhere same as the Rummy, so if you know the rules of Rummy, you can easily be able to play this game.

Gin Rummy is one of the most popular type of Rummy, which is played worldwide. Generally the game is played between players in which each player receive 10 cards. Now you must have a question in mind that can you play Gin Rummy with four players let’s find out in this article.

What is Gin Rummy?

It is one of the most popular card games in the world the rules of Gin Rummy game seems to be complex but it is not more easier to understand. The Gin Rummy card game is all about building a winning hand by managing the discards. Now lets answer the big question, Can you play Gin Rummy with 4 Players? The short answer is YES. Gin Rummy is generally paid between two to 4 pairs in which each player has been given 10 cards each.


The requirements of the Gin Rummy is simple. You have to get the deck of 52 cards and minimum 2 players. 4 players can also play this game. You also need a notepad and a pen to write the score. The game generally goes to more than 3 rounds. The average time to play the Gin Rummy game is around 15 minutes.

The Dealing Part

There is no particular dealer in this game. The dealer is determined by the person who is splitting the cards and a player which is getting higher card becomes the dealer. Each player has been given 10 card each. The remaining cards are then put aside. The simple goal of the Gin Rummy card is to form various sequences or sets in your hand. To simplify the Set, these cards are generally of the same rank but from the different suit, but on the other hand sequences as the names are consecutive cards from the same suit. For example a sequences or a straight of five cards will look like 7♠ 8♠ 9♠ 10♠  J♠, but on the other hand a set of four cards will look like 2♠, 2♦, 2♣, 2♥.

The game ends when any player reaches 100 points. When it comes to the turn part, each player have to draw one card. They can draw one card either from the top of the draw pile or the discard pile. After that to end the turn a player has to discard one card from their hands so ideally the player will have ten cards outside of their terms.

After that when a player is satisfied with their hand, they can choose to end their turn by calling or knocking the gin.

What is Knocking?

The knocking can be done only when the player have the total value of cards less than 10. These cards are known as the deadwod. In this circumstances the value of the ace will be 1 and the other cards will be 10. By any chance if a player ends the round without having any of the deadwood cards then he has to place the discarded card on the discarded pile and calls Gin. This will give him a bonus of 25.

So, when the round ends, a new round starts. The player who reaches first to the 100 points wins the game.

Value of the Cards

If you are a Rummy player, or any card game player then you would probably know the value of cards. If you are a new player then you should know the values of the cards in order to play the game.

Here’s order of cards from Highest value to the lowest value: King (K) , Queen (Q) , Jack (J) , Ten , Nine , Eight , Seven , Six , Five , Four , Three , Deuce & Ace. The figure cards such as King, Queen, Jack consist of 10 points, and other cards have points which is indicated in their pips.


So this were the rules to play the game and you have got to know that how many players can play the game. Make sure to read the article and be clear about the rules of the game. Make strategy before playing the game and play responsible. You should also play the game at your own risk, if you are playing with money involved. For more such interesting articles, you can visit our website again.

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