Only watching IPL doesn’t make you rich. There are several ways to earn money from IPL matches. In this article we are going to tell you about the ways by which you can earn money through the ipl matches. IPL is very big cricket tournament which is organized in India and it consists of the world biggest cricket players and it is the richest cricket league in the world. So if you are a cricket lover and have a good knowledge of cricket you can take advantage of your knowledge and earn money from the IPL matches. All of these methods which we will tell you on this article are legal, so you can use these methods and start earning money from the IPL matches in a legal way .

However there are many illegal ways to earn money from the IPL match like betting and another things so we only suggest you to earn money by falling the legal ways:

1)- Fantasy apps

There are many fantasy apps by the help of which you can earn money from the IPL matches. It is one of the most popular ways to earn money in IPL. In the fantasy apps you have to create your fantasy team and if your player plays well, you will get points according to their performance. If you have the highest points, you can earn money.

Let’s learn how you can make a team in a fantasy app:

Let’s say there’s a match between Mumbai and Chennai. You have to make a team of 11 players. In this team you can choose players from both the teams (Chennai & Mumbai). You have to select a proper balance of Batsman, Bowler, Wicket Keeper & All Rounders. After making your team, you have to select the Captain and Vice Captain.

On the basis of the performance of your selected players, you will get points. You can win from 1 crores to 5 crores. Some of the best fantasy apps in the Indian Market are :

  • Dream 11
  • My Circle 11
  • Paytm First Cash
  • MPL
  • Ballebazi
  • Gamezy
  • Winzo
  • Hala Play
  • My Team 11
  • 11 Wicket

2)- Making a Youtube Channel

By making a youtube channel you can earn money from IPL matches. If you have good knowledge about cricket and you have good knowledge about these stats, about the game point and about the rules and regulation of the cricket. You can start your own youtube channel. You can create reviews of every cricket match you can make prediction before any match or after reviews of a cricket match. You can talk about any interesting matchpoint or any controversial match points in your youtube channel. You can also predict the playing 11 and you can also provide team fantasy teams to players which they can use in their matches. When the number of subscribers increases in your youtube channel you can earn a lot of money from youtube. One thing you must keep in mind that You can also get many than endorsement in your youtube, but make sure to promote only those bands or services which are legit and legal.

3)- Blog / Website

By creating your own blog or website about the cricket you can earn money from the ipl matches. You can provide information about the IPL rules and regulation. You can provide the team stats the team comparison, player comparison, player head to head, team head to head, predicted team for every match, team reviews and after match reviews. You can also provide information about any controversy or any interesting point about the match which people are searching on. While starting the blog you will get unlimited ideas about the IPL, you have to create articles based on the cricket news. Especially the IPL niche to be able to rank on Google and get the traffic. When you will get enough traffic you can apply for the Google Adsense, by which Google will publish ad on your website and you will get the money.

Another way to earn money from a blog or website is that you can promote or endorse the brand or affiliate links on your blog, which are related to cricket. Like you can write article on cricket bats, cricket ball, cricket pads, helmet and much more and in these article you can paste your affiliate link, by which you can also earn money. You can earn money by selling the IPL team jerseys by creating an article about them.


By using these methods one can earn money from IPL matches online and keep in mind that all of these are legit ways to earn money. Make sure to not promote any illegal stuff which can land you in a jail . For more interesting article like this make sure to visit our website regularly.

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