Everyone want to earn huge amount of money by winning lottery. Lottery is a fun way to earn quick cash without having too much money to invest in it. There are some strategies which you can use to increase your chances of winning the lotteries. However winning the lotteries is based on luck but playing it comes with lot of fun.

You must know how lottery works.In the lottery you are playing in, you must select your numbers from a predetermined range of numbers. The numbers will be randomly selected from this range. If your numbers match the winning number, you’ve won the lotto! You may potentially receive a lesser prize, if a certain combination of numbers matches the jackpot numbers.

Top 10 Best Tips To Win Lottery

Here are the tips which would certainly helps to increase your chances of winning the lottery-

1- Buy More Tickets

If you want to win , then you need to buy more lottery tickets. There’s only 1 downside that you have to spend more money to be able to win the prize. It’s a 50-50 probability of you covering the loss of money which you have put to purchase the lottery that too if you win. But then, buying more lottery tickets may increase the chances of winning the lottery.

2- Choose From Wide Range Of Numbers

You must choose the lottery tickets from the wide range of numbers available. Most people tend to choose the numbers like their birth date, anniversary date. That’s being ok, but this also limits your chances of winning the lottery. You have to pick from the high numbers and low numbers to improve your chances .

3- Choose Different Numbers with Different Pattern

You must pick numbers with different patterns. It’s a very clever strategy that most of the winners have disclosed. Don’t go for the pattern like- 4, 14, 24, 34,  54 etc. It’s very unlikely to win. You can play with the numbers like- 1, 15, 37, 49 etc. This will increase your chances of win on slot machines.

4- Second Winning Chance

Lotteries also offers another chance of winning. Many lotteries offers the second chance of winning on non winning lottery ticket. An incident occurred on June 8, 2017 when a person suddenly won a bigh chunk of money as she has played with many tickets brought, and she entered the second chance of winning the game. She took $120,610 after deducting all the taxes.

5- Grab Another Chance

Lot’s of people throw their ticket after drawing, thinking that the tickets they have purchased are now worthless. In most of the cases they checked the wrong drawings, or they don’t know about the second chance of winning the lottery. So it’s a great chance of winning the lottery in the second chance. 

6- Choosing The Right Games

You should choose the right game that you could play. There are 3 kind of lottery draw, National , State and Local. In National lottery draw there are more numbers pool to choose from as compared to the Local or State lottery draw. In the local lottery you chance of winning is high and you have to be present physically at the time of the draw.

7- Scratch Card Game

You can purchase the scratch off’s as they are instant and better odds of winning the amount than any big lottery drawings. Payout could be low, but greater chance of winning. On an average, a scratch card offers 1.5 odds which means 1 in every 5 cards. So the prize of the scratch off depends on the type of the game you are playing.

8- Use Lottery Pool

Players can also use the lottery pool method to increase their chances of winning. But the amount will be equally spilt to all the players if any one wins. This is also a great trick you can use to increase the chances or probability of winning that too without breaking your budget.

9- Don’t Miss the Win

Let me give you an example to justify this line. A prize worth $3,00,000 was never claimed by someone while playing the Mega Million Lottery. The reason could be that the number has not been doubled checked by that person who was playing. So make sure to purchase the lottery from the place where you can go easily. You should also write down the date of the drawing of the lottery and make sure you don’t forget it.

10- Keep Your Winnings Safe

If you are that one person who have won the lottery, even before the draw just sign at the back of the lottery to make sure it’s yours even if it is lost or stolen by anyone. This will help to prove that the lottery ticket is yours.

These were the strategies by which you can increase your chance of winning. However these strategy does not guarantee 100% success. But by applying these strategy you can easily increase your probability of winning, as these methods has also been used by the lottery winners.

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